Cars in San Jose apartment complex keep getting broken into and stolen – NBC Bay Area

Residents of a San Jose neighborhood say they are fed up with their cars being broken into and stolen all the time.

Those who live in the Paseo Senter Apartments near Historic Park say the crimes happen weekly, and they believe the same perpetrators return time and time again.

“Things happen every day,” said Lakshmi Chivukula. “We see glass everywhere.”

On Monday morning, four cars were broken into and a fifth was stolen.

Last week, according to residents, seven windows were broken and another car was stolen.

“They took the whole car,” said Luis Armora. “Unfortunately, it was one of the elders. We feel that if we go ahead and run the neighborhood, who will protect us?”

One resident, who asked not to be identified for fear of being targeted again, said her car had been stolen from her garage three times in the past six months. Every time it is found, thousands of dollars in damage is done.

“The steering wheel is broken,” said the resident. “Second time transfer [broke], so my car is no good. Nothing”.

Some residents speculate that encampments across the street may be part of the problem.

“There’s a lot of homelessness going on,” Armora said. “We have nothing against them, but the problem is that they bring such activity.”

NBC Bay Area reached out to the nonprofit that runs the complex for low-income families, but did not immediately hear back.

Residents want management to hire 24-hour security and also want more police patrols on the property.

Residents are also trying to organize a town hall, saying that something must be given.

“Solve the issue and see [how] we can best offer a solution moving forward,” Chivukula said.

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