Gavin Newsom launches ad to fight abortion ban – NBC Bay Area

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sunday announced an ad campaign to fight proposals in several Republican-controlled states to ban out-of-state access to abortions and other reproductive services.

A statewide campaign and online petition will launch Monday, starting with television ads about the measure being considered in Tennessee. The so-called “abortion trafficking” bill, backed by Republican state lawmakers, would make it a criminal offense for an adult to recruit, harbor or transport minors for abortion without parental consent.

Newsom told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that similar restrictions, modeled on the law already passed in Idaho, are also being proposed in Oklahoma and Mississippi.

“The conditions are much more dire than they appear,” Newsom said. — These guys don’t just limit the rights and self-determination of a young woman to give birth to a child. But they also determine their fate as it relates to their future in life, saying they can’t even travel.”

Supporters of the Tennessee law say it would criminalize not only soliciting minors to have an abortion, but also providing information about the nearest abortion services or announcing which states have more lenient abortion laws.

Republican Representative Jason Zachary, who is one of the authors of the proposal, called it “just a parental rights bill.”

After the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022, abortion advocates pushed states to ban abortions and found ways to prevent pregnant women and girls from crossing state lines to get the procedure.

Idaho has already enacted a so-called “abortion trafficking” law. The first-of-its-kind measure made it illegal to obtain abortion pills for minors or help them leave the state for an abortion without their parents’ knowledge and consent.

Newsom, a Democrat widely seen as a future presidential candidate, said his effort will be paid for by a national political action committee he created last spring with $10 million in his state campaign funds. The effort, dubbed the “Democracy Campaign,” is aimed at supporting Joe Biden and other Democrats and the conservative Republican agenda, he said.

Democrats and left-leaning interest groups have staked abortion rights as a top motivator for voters in the upcoming presidential election and the battle for control of Congress.

They believe supporting abortion access could be a winning issue as the debate expands to include growing concerns about miscarriage care, access to medication, access to emergency care and IVF treatment. A ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court this week has put future access to IVF in jeopardy.

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