Lisa Arianna Pioneering Creative Frontiers in Entertainment

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The vibrant entertainment industry often follows predefined aesthetics and ratings. Amid this trend, Lisa Arianna is one creative mind with a purpose.

Lisa, a freelance producer and writer, sparks unique conversations using her creativity to challenge and question the usual expectations of the industry. She collaborates with emerging directors within the music video, commercial and film spheres. She has crafted a robust methodology which helps her ensure that the directors achieve their creative vision while maintaining a calm and fun environment.

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Navigating a Diverse Career Path

Lisa’s professional journey commenced when she moved to Los Angeles and worked as writer/director Frank Cappello’s assistant. She eventually transitioned into producing and over the years, she has created and managed the production of a plethora of live shows, music videos, commercials and other media.

Mastery Across Various Mediums

As her career evolved, she had a diverse experience working with artists like 50 Cent, Jennifer Lopez, Carlos Santana, Drake, Jackson Wang. During this time she simultaneously worked as a writing producer for The Machine Room working with moguls like Chris Morgan and Brian Kavanaugh Jones. As her reputation grew, she began working on commercials for brands like Nike, Corona, Taco Bell, Pepsi, and Champion to name a few.

Anomy: A Vision Beyond Conventions

Lisa’s brainchild, Anomy, challenges the conventional boundaries of the entertainment industry. Its mission aligns seamlessly with her inclination to break away from the predictable. Her work offers a fresh perspective in a world often confined by expectations.

“I want to create content that reflects the current state of the world—always going against the grain to pose questions that initiate interesting conversations.”

Save Ralph: A Film with a Cause

Animal testing is prevalent in various industries, particularly for medicine, cosmetics, and chemicals. Recent studies reveal that in 2020, the United States led the world in the number of animals used for research and testing, with approximately 20 million animals.

Lisa’s recent project, “Save Ralph,” directed by Spencer Susser is a cause-based film addressing animal testing. Portrayed as a rabbit, Ralph tells the story of his sufferings as a tester. “It was a dream come true to be able to work with the Humane Society International and fight against animal cruelty. We got the rare opportunity to actually make a difference in the world and the current laws,” says Lisa.

Lisa Arianna’s journey is a narrative of questioning norms, sparking meaningful conversations, and leaving a profound impact. As she ventures into narrative content, Lisa’s distinct perspective is poised to shape the creative industry, reminding us that true creativity knows no bounds in a world that often seeks conformity.

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