I’m 51 and manage to transform my lips from old-to-new using a simple hack – it makes them so plump with zero filler

    AS we age, our lips start to lose volume and show fine lines – similar to the delicate skin around our eyes. 

    But when it comes to anti-ageing beauty efforts, lips are often overlooked as we turn our attention to under-eyes and crow’s feet. 

    Mature beauty whizz Erika Fenimore tried a hack to bring volume back to her lips


    Mature beauty whizz Erika Fenimore tried a hack to bring volume back to her lipsCredit: instagram/erikamarie72
    The 51-year-old achieved a plumper pout with zero filler


    The 51-year-old achieved a plumper pout with zero fillerCredit: instagram/erikamarie72

    Studies have even found that lips are one of the most prominent areas that show signs of ageing.

    Luckily, make-up artists with years of experience in the game have devised ways to bring youth back to ageing lips. 

    That includes celebrity MUA Erica Taylor, who devised a lip liner hack to create a look of fullness and plumpness with zero filler. 

    She instructed women over 40 to bring their bottom lip liner up “before the corner” to round their lips, duly creating the illusion of a plumper pout.

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    For the top lip, she recommended the same technique of “cutting it before the corner” when dragging lip liner down to the edges of the mouth.

    The MUA also advised women to draw upwards on their cupid’s bow to bring the top lip “closer to the nose”. 

    Her viral hack was tried and tested by mature beauty whizz Erika Fenimore, who shared her verdict on Instagram

    The 51-year-old dubbed it “another valuable tip on how to get fuller lips with your lip liner” with a demonstration for her 140k followers. 

    Once the lip liner was on, Erika dabbed a light lipstick on with her finger to showcase the “old vs new” vibe. 

    “I’m definitely a lip liner girl,” Stephanie Fender commented on her tutorial.

    “I’m totally trying this.”

    As we age, the supporting collagen, fat pads, and muscles in and around the lip area start to slump. 

    This is what creates the appearance of thinner lips that are more visibly lined. 

    These changes typically start happening in your 40s and become more noticeable as the years go on. 

    There are plenty of advanced and invasive treatments you can try to restore volume to your lips, but the safest way would be learning mature skin friendly beauty techniques.

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