Homes in Redlands the latest victims to theft group – NBC Los Angeles

Residents in Redlands are on high alert after a string of burglaries that targeted at least half a dozen homes in the last month.

A security camera at a Redlands home captured the moment thieves walked into the backyard and broke a window to make their way inside.

Carl Baker with the Redlands Police says the criminals ransack homes primarily looking for jewelry, high-end bags, electronics, and cash.

“A lot of reports in LA and San Diego counties similar to this and other states in the country,” said Baker.

The burglars stake out neighborhoods, studying homeowners’ daily routines and finding the perfect moment to strike when nobody is home. The thieves will often dress like construction workers to throw off any suspicion, according to investigators.

Based on patterns, authorities believe the suspects are part of a larger crime ring known as the South American Theft Group.

Redlands homeowner Roy Winson says he understands his neighbor’s paranoia after his house was robbed a few years ago.

“They broke in the back door and took passports, watches, computers, and they went through all bedrooms,” said Winson.

Homeowners are now keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity, taking extra precautions like double checking all locks and making sure security cameras are working.

“Very disturbing. It rattles us as a neighborhood, and we’ve been here for years and years,” said Jane Sexton. “Crime is on the rise everywhere. Redlands isn’t safe from it, and you just have to be vigilant.”

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