Trump gave reasons why Taylor Swift should support him, as if it could actually happen

IS Taylor Swift going to approve Joe Biden? Given that she did it in 2020, it’s obviously possible. And if you ask the more conspiracy-minded members of the MAGA nation, the approval is there already done. But Taylor Swift is supportive Donald Trump that is one thing that is clear No will happen, and we know this because, among other things, Swift vowed “do everything“she could have put an end to Trump’s terror the last time he ran for president, so her feelings for him are completely understandable. Still, that didn’t stop the ex from taking to social media on Sunday to list the reasons why she should actually support him over Biden.

In an extremely scathing post on Truth Social, Trump wrote: “I signed and was responsible for the Music Modernization Act for Taylor Swift and all other music artists. Joe Biden has done nothing for Taylor and never will. There is no way she could support Crooked Joe Biden, the worst and most corrupt president in the history of our country, and be disloyal to the man who made her so much money. Also, I like her boyfriend, Travis, even though he might be a liberal and probably can’t stand me!”

Let’s break down Trump’s reasons why Swift shouldn’t endorse Biden, and maybe even should, which are, in political jargon, “really dumb.”

He was “responsible for the Music Modernization Act”

as Dina Lapolt, a lawyer who worked for MMA, noted yesterday: “Trump has done nothing about our legislation except sign it and doesn’t even know what the Music Modernization Act does. Someone should ask him what this bill actually accomplished.”

Joe Biden “did nothing” for her

According to Trump, everything is transactional, so since Biden literally didn’t put money in Swift’s pocket, he “didn’t do anything for her” and likely “never will.” Of course, the former president doesn’t take into account the fact that (1) Swift agrees with Biden on a number of policy issues, and (2) when it comes to politics, she strongly disagrees with Trump. For example, the singer is the main supporter of the reproductive rights that Biden has fought forand Trump has boasted of destruction.

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Supporting Joe Biden would be ‘disloyal’ to Trump because Trump ‘made her so much money’

This statement is unintentionally ridiculous on many levels. For starters, Swift showed up at the White House begging Trump to sign the Music Modernization Act, which of course never happened, and now she owes him her loyalty. Obviously, she owes Trump literally nothing, and again, for him, it all boils down to whether someone put cold hard cash in someone else’s pocket.

Trump likes Travis Kelce, which is very nice of him, considering that Kelce “may be a liberal” and “probably can’t stand” Trump

Apparently Swift shouldn’t be endorsing Biden because Trump is so generous he doesn’t give a shit Travis Kelce, despite the fact that the NFL star is probably a “liberal.” He could, but he didn’t! He probably already has a mean nickname waiting to be used, but hasn’t used it! And this is how Taylor pays him back??

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